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Frieze #220 (Anniversary Issue)

June/July/August 2021
230 x 300 mm, 182 pages
London, UK
Eight times a year
First published 1991
Editor: Andrew Durbin
Art director: David Lane

Founded in 1991, Frieze has grown into a leading magazine for contemporary art and culture, and spawned art fairs in London, New York and Los Angeles. The magazine aims to publish jargon-free writing, international art coverage, criticism and analysis.

This issue marks 30 years of the magazine.

On the Journal:
At Work With art director David Lane, Februrary 2017:
‘David Lane is the London-based creative director best-known to magCulture readers as co-founder of The Gourmand. We catch up with him this week as his redesign of another major independent, art mag Frieze, is launched...’ READ MORE

At Work With Frieze co-founder Matthew Slotover, August 2016:
‘If you really want to know the first magazine, it would have been the Beano. In my teens I loved the NME, and bought every copy and must have read every word from about 1982-86. It was the golden era of music writing. And I have to mention Blitz, my favourite of the 80s style magazines…’ READ MORE

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