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LAW #10

210 x 297 mm, 174 pages in card folder plus inserts
London, UK
Published since 2011
Editor: John Joseph Holt
Design: All Purpose

We’ve followed and enjoyed LAW (‘Lives And Works’) since its early, free days. Now, after a gap of several years, it returns with its biggest issue yet, marking the end of its first decade of exploring the tall tales, modern myths and rural rituals of The British Isles.

This issue is themed ‘Folklore, Faith & Unity’ and consists of three magazines with inserts and stickers contained in a card folder wrapped with two printed belly bands.

Inside: Jeremy Deller, mushrooms, Belfast, King Krule, Ewen Spencer and rave, Pax Nindi, badgers, Judy Blame, witches, Studio Orta, banners, John Simons, boxing, Tony Yeboah and more. We love it.

On the Journal:
At work with editor John Joseph Holt (January 2016):
‘We don’t glamorise the everyday. We tell it how it is, we pay the everyday its well earned dues and offer it our respect. Often the everyday is re-appropriated or glamorised without being acknowledged, but we are here to counteract that fact and try to give something back.’
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