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Neural #74

210 x 280 mm, 52 pages
Bari, Italy
Magazine first published in 1993
Editor-in-chief: Alessandro Ludovico
Design: Pedro Sá Couto, Miguel Carvalhais,
Published by: Associazione Culturale Neural

'Critical digital culture and media arts'

Published since 1993, Neural deals with new media art, electronic music and 'hacktivism'. Sporting a beautifully glitchy algorithmic cover, this is a landmark issue for the magazine—marking thirty years(!) of publishing—but rather than solely reflecting on the past, the ever forward-looking team have asked a group of theorists ‘to be aware of what has happened, to reflect on our present reality in critical digital cultures, in order to act accordingly in the near future.’ 

Featuring interviews with Hito Steyerl, Siegfried Zielinksi, Luciana Parisi, Olga Goriunova and more, plus a look at The Neural Archives—a collection of almost 2,000 publications collected by the magazine since its inception, also available to view online.

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