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Playground #1

170 x 240 mm, 114 pages
Stockholm, Sweden (English language)
First published 2023
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Austė Skrupskytė Cullbrand
Art direction and design: Deimante Saulytė and Mykolas Saulytis

‘An honest magazine for creative minds’ whispers the pleasingly understated blue cover of Playground, a smart new title spotlighting and offering insights into Europe's creative industries, minus the ‘prestige, gatekeeping and even competitive silliness.

Instead, you'll find a smartly presented collection of essays touching on mood reading, trend forecasts and the Notes app (penned by Andrii Ushytskyi of Solomiya) and interviews with British writer/podcaster Emma Gannon and Victor Sanchez of Hosoi, Stockholm's first listening bar. And a third section, the excellently titled ‘Creative Quickies’, offers tidbits of creative wisdom, including a mock CV of what-ifs and failed projects from editor-in-chief Austė Skrupskyte, for this polished and candid debut issue.

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