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Serviette #3

230 x 300 mm, 100 pages
First published 2022
Publisher: Max Meighen
Editorial director: Danielle Groen
Creative director: Nicola Hamilton

Bold, confident and brightly coloured, foodstuff mag Serviette is 'a magazine about food, but not just about the food we eat...'. A great (relatively) recent addition to our food and drink section and another foodie cover par excellence. This edition is the 'Food is Preservation' issue and, though the cover might have you think otherwise, the inside is as bright and bold as ever.

In their own words: 'It’s about the themes, ideas, conversations and connectivity around the cycle of our food; the language, culture and transformative possibilities of the future of our food; the journey it takes from seed to stomach, and all of the people who helped it along its way.'

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