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Eleven #2

210 x 300 mm, 130 pages
Creative director: Eleanor Jane
Design: Philip Millard

'Music, creativity and storytelling'

Eleven is a brand new women-fronted music magazine using the guitar as it's starting point for covering stories on music, creativity, craft and more. With features on guitar-building, interviews with guitarists, lots of (arguably pornographic) guitar photography and even a 'mini masterclass' on how to take better photographs of your own axe.

For their second issue, Eleven welcomes surf-punk queen Olivia Jean onto its cover to discuss the genre and her pretty pink guitars. Then, put on some walking boots and set out with folk musician Johnny Flynn and author Robert Macfarlane as they share their collaborative writing process.

Plus, the usual excess of gorgeous guitar photos abound inside from playful toy builds to serious rock star collections.

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