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Farta #3

260 x 200 mm, 112 pages
Matosinhos, Portugal (English and Portuguese language)
Editor: Rafael Tonon
Cover photo: Álvaro Martino

The brainchild of design studio Another Collective, Farta is a magazine on a mission: to honor and elevate Portuguese gastronomy, its roots, traditions, and people. Editor Rafael Tonon was fed up with the minimal attention Portuguese culture and cuisine were getting on the global stage. What results is a magazine rich in stories, community, and finger-licking good food. 

The third instalment is focused on ‘Rabanada’the humble, and universally beloved, dessert of bread soaked in milk and sprinkled with brown sugar. Though traditionally reserved for Christmas Day, Farta defies rabanada's seasonality and explores its radical potential as a cocktail, an art object, and a fine dining modern classic. Whatever form it takes, ‘rabanada is a gift to be open all year round.’

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