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Grain #5

205 x 275 mm, 144 pages
Lavaur, France (French and English-language)
First published 2021
Editor-in-chief: Pauline Blanchard
Art direction: Nomades Studio

‘An ecosystem on paper.’

Grain is a magazine about ecology, but not the disembodied or depoliticised kind; instead, Grain embraces intimate ecology and firmly believes that beauty and emotion are powerful motives for change. Each issue has its own theme and includes essays, nature reports, poetry, photography, and more that subvert conventions for engaging with ecology. 

Issue five is themed ‘Home’ and features personal essays on the power of the home, queer domesticity, and an eco-feminist perspective on making house. Plus, find interviews with writer Mona Chollet and ceramicist Amèlie Patry, recipes for cooking over an open fire, and even a playlist to help set the ambience of this edition.

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