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Lodown #127

204 x 300mm, 160 pages
Berlin, Germany and (Somewhere) Austria
Editors: Goetz Werner and Yasmin Martinelli

Founded in 1995, Berlin-based Lodown offers a healthy dose of anti-establishment arts, interviews and board-sports. Highly visual, matte paper-paged and satisfying in the hands, listen closely because this issue is all about sound, whether music, chatter, sirens, or static. 

‘Sound does have the potential to be everything. It is nostalgic. Futuristic. Innovative. It can trigger euphoria. It can be used as a weapon. It is vague. Absolute. And powered by ideas. It can be visualized. It can unify. It always has momentum. Sound is the vocabulary of nature and machines alike. Come to think of it, sound IS actually everything.’

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