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Pom Pom #48

190 x 245mm, 144 pages
London, UK & Austin, US
Published since 2012
Editors & Creative directors: Lydia Gluck & Meghan Fernandes
Guest editor (this issue): Candice English

Recently revamped, Pom Pom explores knitting, crochet, and craft 'in the modern, beautiful, and meaningful way we've always known it should be.' 

With a heavy heart, Pom Pom introduces its Spring 2024 issue with a farewell – this will be the last edition of the fibre craft magazine. They have chosen to end on a high note by celebrating the art of weaving, a discipline that combines all the best of thread and yarn. In their own words:

‘As it turns out, the symbolism often associated with weaving is the perfect metaphor for the interconnectedness of the fibre community. A community we have been so grateful to be part of all these years.’

On the Journal, At Work With: 

'Lydia Gluck and Meghan Fernandes launched Pom Pom in London ten years ago, ‘presenting knitting, crochet, and craft in the modern, beautiful, and meaningful way we’ve always known they should be...' READ MORE

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