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We Jazz #10, Dominoes

170 x 240 mm, 128 pages 
Helsinki, Finland
Quarterly (March/June/September/December)
Editors: Matti Nives & Ami Vuorinen 
Art direction: Matti Nives

Created by jazz specialists We Jazz Records, and packed full of colourfully-illustrated ‘new stories about music’, each issue will have a different title. This time, Dominoes, for Donald Byrd.

Inside: Donald Byrd by Andy Beta, Lonnie Liston Smith by Anton Spice, Kenneth Jimenez by Andrey Henkin, Anoushka Shankar & Arooj Aftab by Debra Richards, Muffins by Marc Medwin, Anni Kiviniemi by Wif Stenger, Billy Harper by Bret Sjerven, Discaholic Clumn by Mats Gustafsson, Vogel Records by Lander Lenaerts, plus more.

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