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Hard Pack #2

213 x 276 mm, 126 pages
New York, USA
First published 2023
Editor: Zach Seely
Creative direction and design: Brendan Dunne, Ken Tokunaga

Named after the condition of fresh snow tightly compressing (as opposed to the oft sought after soft, powdery kind), Hard Pack is a new skiing title aiming to 'uncover and promote alternative ways to think about skiing, both new and forgotten.' 

It's an ethos that translates well through the sophisticatedly designed (and almost snow-hued) pages of this niche but necessary, fashion-meets-slopes title. All pairing well with the rather cinematic, alpine photography.

For an excellent read, turn straight to page 114 for an interview with the illustrator and writer Yasuhiko Kobayashi, who played a major role in moulding Japan's youth and sports cultures — including helping to launch Popeye magazine as well well as 16 years drawing the covers of Skier magazine.

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