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Viscose Journal #5

245 x 330 mm, 216 pages
Copenhagen / New York (English-language)
Founding editor-in-chief: Jeppe Ugelvig
Creative director: Filip Samuel Berg
Art director: Rissa Hochberger

This issue: Retail

Viscose is one of several magazines—think Vestoj, Novella— addressing the theoretical rather than commercial side of fashion.

‘Viscose is a journal for fashion criticism. The name gestures to the possibilities in thinking about a certain material and materiality as the qualities of a critical project: neither solid nor liquid, neither truly natural (like cotton, wool, or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester).’

The latest issue is particularly tactile with a cover made from the slick, thin material of shopping receipts, perfectly setting the mood for the Retail theme of the fifth edition. Explore retail spaces and cultures from the shopping mall to the high street, as well as the underlying social and political relationships embedded in this modern pasttime. Find inside essays about the allure of the shop window, the surrealist connection between Duchamp and the department store, the climate-controlled discomfort of Filipino malls, and much more.

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