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Erotic Review #1

170 x 240 mm, 184 pages
London, UK
First published 1997
Editor & publisher: Lucy Roeber
Deputy editor: Saskia Vogel
Design & art direction: Studio Frith

Erotic Review was first published as a bimonthly magazine in 1997, and then relaunched in 2024 as an art and literary platform that explores desire in its many forms and complexities. Editor Lucy Roeber introduces the new form in her letter saying:

‘We, at the Erotic Review, believe that our erotic lives inflect our entire existence. Desire is both intensely personal and can connect us to our common humanity... the idea of a different discourse, and its potential to transform who and how we could be in this world, has become the imagined centre of this project. We hope your experience here is deeply satisfying.’

The contents of this magazine explore desire through poetry, short fiction, book reviews, photography, and a neon-coloured illustrated comic. Plus some appropriately suggestive typography.

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