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Crosscurrent #4

210 mm x 270 mm, 320 pages
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Clarke Rudick
Art direction and design: Emily Schofield

Crosscurrent describes itself as a manual resource for discovery exploring fashion, art, architecture, and ideas. What makes it stands out from a crowded field is the people it chooses to feature and the way it presents them.

Editor-in-chief Clarke Rudick always pulls together a unique series of subjects, ranging from the well-known (Actress, Mark Lescheller) to lesser known. Art director Emily Schofield designs the texts and accompanying images with plenty of room to breath—no page is full of text and no image extended to full bleed—giving a feel of calm conversation throughout its 320 pages.

Issue four is themed ‘So Real’ and explores, more specifically, ‘what it means to live in the real world.’

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