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Magazine For Young Girls #2

280 x 210mm, 148 pages (ring-bound)
Editor in chief: Wei Ting Wong
Designer: Ji Soo Eom

Created primarily for a 'feminine' Asian readership, Magazine For Young Girls explores what it means — or could mean — to be a 'young girl' or womxn through the lens of pop culture and fashion. Created with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Now MFYG returns with its second issue and an interpretation of the theme 'Adulting.' Happily, they go beyond the meme and define adulting as 'performing acts of care in our daily lives.' This is a timely look into wellness, mental health, and self care through a young, femme and Asian point of view:

'Experiencing the lockdown globally has impacted the way we see the world and spend our time. Be it acts of mutual aid for local communities or taking stock of one’s life, the past two years have made us crave stability, genuine connection and wellness.'

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