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Middle Plane #8

240 x 315mm, 300+ pages
London, UK
Published since 2018
Editor in Chief: Roni Monhait
Art direction & Design: Bruce Usher

'Exploring the relationship between art and fashion'

Each issue of Middle Plane typically uses fashion as an entry point in examining a single artist’s work and legacy. Issue eight takes a different approach by surveying a number of artists about a single concept: modernity. Each guest confronts modernity head on, demanding answers to the question: what even is modern?! 

Featuring the likes of Willem Dafoe, Marina Abramović, Alvaro Barrington, Urs Fischer, Fumiko Imano, Angela Hill, and more, with six covers to choose from.  

On the Journal:
About an earlier issue, ‘We’re interested to see whether this unusual and experimental pilot issue is purely concerned with launching the title, and if this compellingly irreverent approach will form a template for issue one and beyond. What will happen when the object actually is the magazine and those quotes for printing turn into ink on paper? Will those blank advert spaces turn into elaborate spreads featuring luxury goods? Will we continue to be surprised by what this process-based approach generates?’ 

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