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PIN-UP #35

233 x 283 mm, 226 pages
New York, US
Creative and editorial director: Felix Burrichter
Editor: Emmanuel Olunkwa
Art director: Office Ben Ganz

A new issue sees the team at the ‘magazine for architectural entertainment’ draw once again from their playful bag of print tricks; this edition features curved corners and a 20mm die-cut hole that punctures the pages throughout, with the layouts subtly adjusting to the void from time to time. 

As for the theme? This is the Environments! issue, rejecting connotations of sustainability that architecture often evokes, and instead focussing on ‘a more profound sense of consciousness in the spaces in which we find ourselves; the objects and rituals we use as forms or tools of communication; and the terms of hierarchy — architectural and beyond.

Inside, photography meets extractivism, interviews with architects Sumayya Vally and Emilio Ambasz, and a feature on French collective (LA)HORDE's performances and the engagement with multiverse. Plus, the second edition of Design Drafts, a green matt-papered supplement consisting of essays from five emerging design writers.

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