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Plates of Meat #8

210 x 296mm, 80 pages
London, UK
First published 2020
Editor & art director: Silva Cunningham

‘Sorry for the w-eight!’ Interspersed with peppy interviews, hand-scribbled soliloquies, punny wordplay and 90s and 00s throwbacks, the zine-esque (in content, at least) Plates Of Meat is back. Returning after almost a year, this is their slimmer eighth issue, themed The Wait List.

Now glossy and staple-bound, it's the highly visual and youth-led read that we've come to expect, opening with a self-referential comic and followed by a piece on Black youth culture in Brockley, profiles of singer-songwriter Viji and NYC two-piece The Dallas Cowboys, an interview with CSM graduate India Hunnikin, and plenty of fashion shoots. 

From the Journal:
At work with Silva Cunningham, ‘When I left school I was told that ‘this is when you’ll grow up’ and the same thing when I started university… I think Plates of Meat is so fun to make because I feel like I get to enjoy the process of becoming an adult as opposed to worrying that I’m not adult enough yet.’
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