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Service #1

205 x 275mm, 278 pages
Zürich, Switzerland (English-language)
First published in 2023
Editors: Andreas Koller and Mathias Renner 
Design: Teo Schifferli

Each edition of Swiss-born Service—a glossy new title offering a mix of art, fashion and culture—is dedicated to a specific place. For this first issue, the team begin closer to home, exploring the ‘broader Alpine region between Zurich, Vienna, Munich and Milan.’

This translates to a debut with an archival quality to it, featuring lush valley side fashion shoots, playful sartorial reinterpretations of Swiss banker types (aka ‘The Gnomes of Zürich’) and a Tools-like feature on lacework doilies. Plus, an interview with artist John Armleder in Geneva, a profile of Swiss-Italian writer Fleur Jaeggy, a trip to Interlaken through the eyes of American art writer Dean Kissick and a feature on Andy Warhol muse and designer BillyBoy*, who shares fantastic collages and spreads from his 1980s Barbie collection and beyond.

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