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Left Cultures #2

180 x 250mm, 130 pages
London, UK
First published 2022
Concept, editorial and creative direction: Phil Wrigglesworth
Editorial direction: Colum Leith
Graphic design: Marco Ugolini

Launched as a one-off, but back with a second edition, Left Cultures champions voices of the left, ‘whether that be Socialist, Communist, Anarchist or anything in between.’

Page by page, a series of 52 contributing writers from far and wide share stories of inspiration rthat ange from the personal to the polemical. Each entry is accompanied by a commissioned full-page illustration.

When we received the first issue, I wondered if, in a second issue, there’d be space to explore a completely new leftist vision? And it seems that yes, there is. As Phil writes in his their editor's letter, ‘there's an audience thirsty to find out about what the Left has to offer us culturally both past and present...’

On the Journal:
‘This magazine’s a powerful reminder that there is a left point of view still available, even if it is so often ignored, marginalised, or worse, demonised in today’s media. It’s refreshing to see these views collected together and rendered relevant and vital as ever.’
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