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032c #45

200 x 270 mm, 284 pages
Berlin, Germany
Published since 2001
Editor-in-chief & Creative director: Joerg Koch
Art Director: Mike Meiré 
Designer: Tim Giesen 

‘Manual for Freedom, Research, and Creativity.’

In the latest edition of iconoclastic fashion biannual 032c, Editor Joerg Koch explains how this magazine has been his education, a research tool for indulging curiosity and probing into ambiguity. 

As such, this issue is 032c's most anarchic and darkest yet. Titled ‘The Opioid Crisis Lookbook,’ it begins with a magazine-within-a-magazine covering the horrible yet very human reality of the American drug epidemic. Then it transitions to features and interviews with notable freaks, weirdos, and outsiders pushing the edges of art and culture. 

Find inside: Dasha Zaharova, Dustin Cauchi, Kate Upton, Luka Sabbat, Varg, Rosalía, Mire Lee, The Weekend, Bryan Johnson, and more.

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