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Beauty Papers #11

220 x 285 mm, 300+ pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Maxine Leonard
Creative director: Valerie Wickes

‘Dedicated to the culture and art of beauty’

The Winter 2023 issue is themed ‘Trip’ (and interpret that as you will). Opening with a passage from the Lewis Carroll classic, it’s certainly an Alice in Wonderland-esque descent into over 300 full-bleed pages of gradients and visually striking photography. Or, as the Beauty Papers team puts it, ‘the uncharted territories of the wild of the imagination.’ Mind your fingers though; each page is edge painted in black.

A tough pick between the whopping set of covers choices, though the text-only, midnight version is a strong contender for the ultimate black magazine cover. 

On the Journal:
‘Beauty Papers is a London-based independent magazine that challenges prevailing ideas of beauty and make-up. Editor-in-chief Maxine Leonard and creative director Valerie Wickes joined us at the magCulture shop to introduce their third issue and talk about their work.’

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