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C 41 Magazine #14

164 x 240 mm, 240 pages
Milan, Italy (English-language)
Creative director: Luca Attilio Caizzi 
Art directors-at-large: Nicolò Oriani, Riccardo Saviolo, Riccardo Linarello

'We believe that every ordinary life makes an extraordinary story'

Published by the creative production company, C 41 covers lifestyle, fashion, design, outdoors, and creative communities. This issue features the likes of Francoise Odill, Sasha Vanner, David Pedersen, Qi Han, Derek White, Sinhani Quade, Sophie Hambling and Timothy White, whose portrait of Nicholas Cage makes the cover. On the theme, New Fiction, the team explain:

‘A place where nothing is certain and everything is possible. After years of scientific realism, reality returns to being almost magical and never truly understandable. What seems real may not be, while reality itself takes on configurations never seen before. For the first time in history, we have the possibility of designing the reality we imagine, without the need for the skills to actually realise it. But where will this freedom take us?

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