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Closing Ceremony #3

210 x 275 mm, 268 pages (plus supplement)
Shanghai, China (English-language)
First published 2021
Editors: Xiaopeng Yuan, Carolina Zhang, Wei
Design: Jurgen Maelfeyt

Chinese contemporary photography magazine Closing Ceremony returns with the latest issue all about that most common of photographers' commands: ‘Smile!’

The works from collaborators, artists, and photographers featured inside explore the implications of this ‘transient moment of staged happiness.’ Despite its positive communication, smiling comes with a lot of baggage these days like increasing surveillance, artificial emotions from advertising, and uncanny grins of fashion photography. 

Featured artists include: Chris Maggio, PZ Opassuksatit, Roe Ethridge, David Brandon Greeting, Max Siedentopf, Lucas Blalock, Peter De Potter, Feng Li, Fish Zhang, Guillaume Blondiau, Karolina Wjtas, and more. 

On the Journal:
‘‘It’s a closing ceremony when pressing the shutter for creation,’ Closing Ceremony’s makers say of the idea behind its name. The magazine, one of a steady stream of new titles from China, is both a celebration of traditional photography and a platform for new photographers.’ Read more of our review.

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