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Deem Journal #5

190 x 255mm, 152 pages
Los Angeles, USA
First published in 2019
Co-founder and editor at large: Alice Grandoit-Šutka 
Co-founder and creative director: Nu Goteh
Guest editor: Mark Chambers
Designers: Jun Lin and Cody Cano

Design as social practice

Design theory and community-orientated biannual Deem returns with its fifth issue, exploring its theme ‘Climate Realities and Responses’ from a place of hope, imagination and action, rather than apathy or despair:

‘It is our hope that this issue holds together an array of perspectives on the climate future, explores constructive ways to think about and respond to our changed and changing world and, perhaps most importantly, illuminates the overburdening of marginality under capitalism, and more so under a changing climate...  Now is not the time for palliative fixes or isolated corrections, but for overhaul: for redesigning the system in ways we have longed for and dreamed of.'

Featuring insights from Rania Ghosn, Houston Cypress, Alyssa-Amor Gibbons, Avinash Persaud, Leah Thomas, Jeff Goodell and more, with marine biologist and policy expert Ayana Elizabeth Johnson on the cover. Plus, an interactive section revolving around four activities ‘for envisioning and experiencing the eco-future.

From the Journal:
‘I’m so impressed with Deem and its cross-examination of design praxis; despite being fairly academic at times, the collection of essays and interviews don’t feel inaccessible. Unsurprisingly, this is partially thanks to the layout of the mag, designer Cody Cano has done a wonderful job. Considering the journal’s objectives: mission accomplished.’ READ MORE 

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