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Document #23

230 x 305 mm, 576 pages
New York, US
Editor-in-chief & creative director: Nick Vogelson
Editorial director: Hannah Ongley 
Creative and fashion director: Sarah Richardson

The Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Document begins the new year with a series of questions to mull over, appropriately complex as per the theme, Identity in Flux: 

‘Can multiple selves be authentic at once? How do ancestries and histories linger, and is it possible to move beyond the weight of the past? Can personhood be self-determined? Does partaking in community—seeking out shared attributes—help or hinder individuality? Where and when does dressing up, or playing pretend, bring us closer to who we really are?’

And shedding some light on the above are your cover stars this issue: Clara Fossar, Iggy Teller (aka mini Juergen Teller), Jodie Foster, Mila van Eeten, Paul Sepuya and Sandra Hüller.

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