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Electronic Sound #111

210 x 280 mm, 100 pages + vinyl seven-inch
Norwich, UK
Editor: Push
Art editor: Mark Hall 

'The Electronic Music Magazine' which also covers culture, art and technology. It features in-depth coverage of the contemporary electronic scene, as well as shining a light on the pioneers and machines that made the scene what it is today. 

This issue plays tribute to London's iconic Blitz nightclub in Covent Garden which, as the Electronic Sound team explain, was ‘key to the development of electronic music in the UK, acting as a catalyst for the new romantic movement along the way’. As such, you'll hear from the club's co-founder Rusty Egan, with other contributions from Billy Currie, Robert Elms, Princess Julia, Mark Moore, Richard James Burgess, Caryn Franklin and more. Featuring photographs and anecdotes from the clubs heyday, with plenty of New Romantic vibes all round. 

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