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Epoch #2

230 x 300mm, 320 pages 
Paris, France
Annual, first published in 2022
Editor-in-chief: Francesca Gavin
Creative director: Léonard Vernhet

If you know your indies, you’ll immediately recognise the names of Epoch founders Francesca Gavin and Léonard Vernhet—both have had their names attached to multiple magazines. Launched last year, Epoch is a big, bold thought-provoking attempt to cross-pollinate disciplines and link subjects often regarded as opposites: art and science, archeology and music, anthropology and fashion. Their argument is that traditional ideas of linear history are outdated; we need a new way to explain human civilisation.

Loosely inspired by the Franz Kafka novella of the same name, Metamorphosis is the theme for their sophomore issue. Another highly visual mix of artefacts and archival material juxtaposed with contemporary images, where deep sea archaeology and ancient astronauts meet by the likes of Harley Weir's ‘Men At Work’ and Elaine Constantine's moshing youth, both featuring on the covers.

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