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Herdes #15

240 x 305 mm, 252 pages (hardcover)
Barcelona, Spain (English-language)
Published since 2016
Editors-in-chief: Javier Garrido & Yoye Martin

Focussing on a single destination—previous issues have traversed Athens, Morocco, Berlin and the Moon—‘international travel and fashion bookazine’ Herdes returns with their Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 issue. Following their trip to Iceland in the previous edition, the team now turns their gaze to the region of Flanders, announced on the cover in bright green typography:

Flanders unfolds like a masterpiece in itself, a canvas painted with history, culture, and an undying passion for the arts. This charming region, situated in the northern part of Belgium, is a realm where past and present seamlessly coalesce, creating an enchanting tapestry of life. From the cobblestone streets of Bruges to the vibrant cityscape of Antwerp, Flanders invites you to explore a land that resonates with the echoes of bygone eras while exuding the vibrant spirit of contemporary creativity.

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