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Kennedy #14

170 x 240 mm, 232 pages
Athens, Greece (English-language)
Annual, or thereabouts
Editor-in-chief: Chris Kontos
Design: Athina Dalyannis (after Angelo Pandelidis), Clothilde Bouan

'Biannual Journal of Curiosities'

Welcome back, Kennedy. There always seems to be a tantilising wait between each issue of the photography-led, Kennedy—and it’s always worth it. For their 14th edition, themed 'Family’, the magazine comes dressed all in white with a sky blue title and tagline, the handwritten-style theme scribbled at the bottom. 

A particularly tender issue, the magazine opens with words from editor Chris Kontos paying tribute to his friend Angelo Pandelidis who helped to launch Kennedy. Kontos also talks about his own family (the editor's letter is subtitled 'A Love Letter to my Family') as well as a recent experience of heartbreak:

‘For me life can't be without love. The end of love is a “small death” ... As I write these words, I'm still learning like a patient who's been in a coma for years, to talk, walk and live in ways I didn't think were possible before. And strangely enough, I've never felt more alive.’

Each edition of Kennedy is a beautiful tribute to living life, as well as the people and places that fill it and this one is no different. It's just a little softer around the edges (and we're here for it).

On the Journal, about a previous issue:
Kennedy defines itself as a Journal of Curiosities—an open term allowing it to play around with subject matter. It delves into travel, fashion, interiors, culture, and is interested in a craftsmanlike approach. The ‘curiosities’ remit brings up interesting hidden places like London’s first members-only nightclub, Annabel’s…’

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