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Mousse #86

237 x 325mm, 266 pages
Milan, Italy (Italian and English-language)
Quarterly since 2006
Editors: Chiara Moioli and Antonio Scoccimarro
Art director: Francesco Valtolina

Large-format Mousse gives a platform to international criticism of contemporary culture, commissioning essays and artwork each issue.

This hot pink-hued Winter 2024 issue opens with a Survey of German artist Anna Oppermann (whose gorgeous With Ashtray, 1968/70 makes for one of two cover choices), in addition to Fiction by Olivia Sudjic, Tidbits featuring work from Benoît Piéron, Maria Toumazou, Coumba Samba and Kiyan Williams, American literary critic Samuel R. Delany as this edition's Thinker, and Books reviewed by Asad Raza.

Much like the previous issue, choose between an image or text-based cover—will it be the aforementioned ashtray or a set of three typographic spirals?

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