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Roughcast #1

148 x 210 mm, 122 pages
London, UK
First published 2023
Founders: Erin Rimmer, Josh Eustace, Simon Doherty
Editor: Chris Blunt
Art Director: Erin Rimmer

Just fucking read it.

Roughcast was created as an artistic response to the poor treatment of freelancers in the UK media industry. Focusing on the freelancer experience, they cover art, photography, film, music and sociological writing. Each edition presents responses around a theme, weaving them into a colourful tapestry of off-beat culture. 

This is the inaugural issue, thus it is appropriately ‘the firsts edition.’ Find inside features on humans' relationship with their memories, fashion at queer raves, art smuggling, HIV in prison, London’s underground club scene, exploitation in the media industry, the underground grime scene, and much more. 

Crucially, as part of their commitment to supporting media freelancers, the magazine content can only be found in print, does not appear on social media, and has only a brief web presence.

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