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Tauko #11

215 x 275 mm, 130 pages (plus pattern pull-out)
Helsinki, Finland (English-language)
First published 2021
Editor: Mila Moisio
Head of Design: Kaisa Rissanen
Art director: Dörte de Jesus

Sewing! Climate! Culture! Community! Finnish publication Tauko encompasses all that is sewing-shaped.

The latest issue is subtitled 'Gatherings', dedicated to the unifying power of sewing and communities that form around craft in general: ‘Craft creates bonds, connecting individuals and conveying subtle messages. The tangible mark left by handmade objects acts as a shared language. The inherent shareability of craft and communicative nature of crafts not only brings people together, but also constantly forms new connections.’

Plenty of said craft and connections inside, which as ever includes paper patterns and step-by-step instructions for all designs, available in nine sizes ranging from a 31"/78 cm bust to a 57.5"/146 cm bust.

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