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The Leopard #2

275 x 348mm, 300+ pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Alister Mackie
Art director: Jamie Reid
Editor: Ted Stansfield
Designer: Joel Dent

From the desk of Alister Mackie (formerly of Dazed, now creative director at AnOther Man) comes The Leopard, a highly visual and archive-like celebration of ‘queer life in all of its creativity, sensuality and DIY glamour.

Initially launching in 2018, the cult title returns after a five year gap with its sophomore issue, packed with photography, interviews and art across generations new and old. Plus, a brief but vivid injection of magazines and printed matter, beginning with the typographic cuttings on the contents page that serve as titles for each of the stories throughout, featuring the likes of Salman Toor, Francis Bacon, Alasdair McLellan, Jordan Barrett and more.

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