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Union #18

297 × 230mm, 188 pages (hardback)
Tokyo, Japan (English language)
Biannual (late March and September)
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Hiroyuki Kubo
Translator: William Jackson

Each issue of the clothbound hardback Union is dedicated to timeless photography, beautifully presented. Taking a particularly cinematic approach to fashion and photography, its matte pages frame plenty of hazy urban settings, aesthetically pleasing interiors, architectural details and objects. 

This is issue #18, featuring the work of Ben Beagent, Jack Davison, Lorena Lohr, Mark Steinmetz, Quentin de Briey, Reiko Toyama, Sarah van Rij, Seishi Shirakawa, Shizuka Steinberg and Yusuke Yamatani.

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