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A few favourites return
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A few favourites return

I love it when a new issue of an old favourite arrives on the shelves, it’s like catching up with a lost friend. Here’s a selection of old and newer favourites that have new editions in the shops, starting with the 28th edition of Norway’s Carl*s Cars.

One of the defining magazines of the modern era of independent publishing, this issue of Carl*s Cars is as wide-ranging as ever. Yes there are car stories (Bentleys and Audis) but there’s also a photoshoot celebrating the act of mooning from the back of your car, Liam Gallagher discusses scooters and Rolls Royces, and as you can see David Lynch stars on the cover and is interviewed inside about his love for cars (alongside a movie-by-movie breakdown of vehicles in his work). There’s also a study of buildings built to protect you car, plus some fashion and history. As good as ever.

This issue of Anorak has been out for a while, but deserves a mention as the project goes from strength to strength. The issue is all about books, with a brief history of books, a look at libraries and how books are printed in the early days. Plus the regular story strips, puzzles and games all wrapped up beautifully in Rob Lowe’s designs.

My favourite music magazine ’Sup returns for issue 23, with this gorgeous blurred B&W of image one of the guys from Blondes on the cover. The magazine has been available free until now, but when I bumped into editor/publisher Marissa at Artwords recently she told me they’re planning to start selling the magazine to get wider and longer distribution. It’s been far too good and indepth to be given away so that makes sense to me. Good content should have a value. The issue contains the usual eclectic range of music, from the Mystery Jets to DJ Nate via Holy Fuck and Ben Frost, all printed on a very nice slick silky stock.

Lastly, following the joint release of issues 1,2 and 3, the second tranche of No.Zine (issues 4,5 and 6) is here. As before, each 36-page twio-colour A5 publication features a selection of creative responses to the issue number (the name is short for Number Zine). A simple idea well-executed. Some are better than others, but all are worth checking.

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