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EDO DIY exhibition

EDO DIY exhibition

Earlier this week EDO held their third annual DIY exhibition, where members are invited to select their favourite pieces of editorial design from the past year for an adhoc one-night exhibition. It made an eclectic show – here’s a record of the work that turned up on the evening. Note: nothing digital, not even an iPad app. And having dominated in the previous two years there was not a single page from Wired. Biggest presence: Bloomberg Business Weekly.

What would you add?

Monocle Alpino

Spikes – customer magaizne for athletics organisation.

Sponsored supplement for the Daily Telegraph

FI magazine

Eureka, Monocle Alpino

Oh Comely

New York

Elle Collections, Manzine


The Ride Journal, Fire & Knives

Achtung, BBC Good Food, Bloomberg Business Weekly

Bloomberg Business Weekly, Creative Review, Monocle (photograph, bottom left)

It’s Nice That



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