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Andy says…

Andy says…

As it continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Interview magazine has dug up a quotation from founder Andy Warhol and twisted it in typical style to aid its subscription message. Good work – we can only agree!

The issue, no 529, continues the bridging between its original sixties version and today’s cultural context. Celebrity x celebrity action includes both Lana del Rey and Brit Marling interviewing Grimes, and Rickey Thompson talking with Jameela Jamil; Sue Webster’s ‘Crime Scene’ piece about Siouxsie Sioux is desconstructed; and these two directions unite as artists Joan Jonas and Seth Price interview meet.

Plus throughout, the graphic madness of Richard Turley and Kurt Woerpel turn even the most earnest stories into their own private playground. Nowhere more so than in the wonderful Salad Pages (above), this time focused on Paris Fashion Week.

Editor-in-chief: Nick Haramis
Creative director: Mel Otenberg
Editorial director: Richard Turley

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