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ASME shortlists

ASME shortlists

When I was last in New York I visited a few magazine offices and noticed several had these metal elephant sculptures in their receptions, generally used as over-sized paperweights keeping hold of latest copies of the magazine. They seemed to exist in small herds – New York magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek each had loads. Now I know why – they’re awards, originally designed by Alexander Calder, and handed out every year by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Ellies – as they're known – must be one of the best-looking awards around, essentially because they don’t look like an award.

Ignoring the fact I am highly unlikely to ever be eligible for one let alone win one, I’d love to have one in my house. Thankfully I never got round to asking anyone where I could buy one!

All of which is a long lead in to the news that the shortlists for this years ASME Awards have just been released. See the full lists here, but congratulations to the following who are all nominated for Best Design: Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ, Interview, New York, Wired.

What’s the betting the herds at BBW or New York are about to welcome a new friend?

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