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D&AD call for entries

D&AD call for entries

The 2006 D&AD Annual has just been launched, along with the Call for Entries for the 2007 Awards. The Annual contains all last year's winners (black pencils, yellow pencils, nominated for pencil, and in-book) including the results of the first ever stand-alone Magazine and Newspaper Design category.

I was foreman of last year's jury and, looking at the annual and what we chose, I'm happy that there is a good range of different types of publication represented: a daily newspaper; a weekly women's magazine; two customer magazines; several small, self-published titles; a mass market US city weekly; a trade magazine; a couple of art projects; and a major TV listings weekly. Not forgetting an obscure African experimental magazine. Perhaps not everyone will agree with the exact choices (note this list includes only the top level winners; there are more publications included in the Annual) but I hope the breadth of those chosen is acknowledged.

The challenge this year is to improve on last year, and the first step towards that is, simply, entering. Yes it costs money, but D&AD are now taking magazines and newspapers seriously and if you want to benefit from that you need to enter your publication. Too many magazines and newspapers – especially newspapers – were overlooked last year because they didn't enter.

This year's judges:
Mark Porter, The Guardian, UK (Foreman)
Francisco Amaral, Cases Associats, Spain
Tony Chambers, Wallpaper*, UK
James De Vries, De Luxe & Associates, Australia
Janet Froelich, New York Times, US
and me, Jeremy Leslie, John Brown, UK

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