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Design and art

Design and art

wallpaper figureines 1

In a lovely example of innovative commissioning, the new issue of Wallpaper* has a fashion story created by ceramicist Barney Barford, and featuring items from the latest collections of the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Missoni. The six-inch tall figurines took Barford two months to create, working closely with the magazine's fashion team and using his personal collection of models as a basis for reworking and repainting to match photographs of the collections.

wallpaper figureines 2

Like the Simpsons fashion in Harper's Bazaar earlier this year, it's a clever jump away from the usual photography and perfect for its context. Where else could you expect to see naff figurines re-configured and dressed in high fashion? While retaining it's impeccable modernist roots (see last month's choice of guest co-editor Dietar Rams), Wallpaper* is broadening its scope and allowing influences from the art world to soften the hardline world of design (see last month's choice of guest co-editor Jeff Koons). This is a healthy thing, and reflects what's happening in the real world beyond the perfectly (I assume?) styled Wallpaper* offices.

Regular readers might have noticed magCulture often features news from Wallpaper*. Obviously it merits the attention, but it helps that Wallpaper* regularly emails magCuture stories and images. Sending material doesn't guarantee a mention, but if it's good stuff it'll get posted on the site.

If you have something you'd like featured send it to:

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