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Flaneur #7, Sao Paulo
Page 23

Flaneur #7, Sao Paulo

Our latest page 23 is from the new issue of Flaneur, the nomadic magazine created in a different street of a different city every edition. This seventh issue was put together on Rua Treze de Maio in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and page 23 features the one image in the issue that matches the tourist cliché of the country — elsewhere, we see a very different Brazil.

That image is a portrait of Sonia, opening the first of a series of personal stories dotted the issue. In the picture she is dressed for carnival, reflecting her tale. ‘My life has not been about crying, it’s been a party,’ she tells us as she shares a series of artefacts relating to her tale of solitude.

Elsewhere, the magazine comes to life in typical Flaneur style, with typography and imagery colliding to show a more grounded version of the life of their selected street, in the heart of the city centre area of Bixiga.

It’s a unique and rich editorial experience, 300 pages of clashing parts that are almost a series of mini-mags within each other; one moment we’re at the area’s improvised street barbeques, via André Penteado’s portraits, the next we’re being reminded that Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Americas. A personal highlight is the series of masks made at a local workshop and worn by their female creators. Art, psychogeography and personal reflection all add to the mix.

Together, they deliver on the promise made at the start of every edition of Flaneur: “The magazine is aware of its subjectivity. It wants to say, ‘This could be Treze de Maio’.”

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Founder and publisher: Ricarda Messner
: Grashina Gabelmann and Fabian Saul
Graphic design: Michelle Phillips, Johannes Conrad and Alex Sullivan

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