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Ideas Illustrated

Ideas Illustrated

‘Why Am I Here?’ asks the cover of the latest edition of YCN’s magazine Ideas Illustrated. The answer is two-fold; first, the magazine serves to promote their excellent roster of illustrators, with plenty of space given over to showing off their talents. And second the question is linked to the issue theme, Relocation, and the distribution strategy they’ve adopted to reflect it. As well being mailed to clients and other interested parties, YCN have arranged for copies to turn up in unexpected places: restaurants and hairdressers for instance.

The small-format magazine is packed with illustration work but it’s more than a catalogue; there is decent content and the whole thing is well put together by in-house designer Alex Hunting.

Illustrator David Sparshott follow one of Herb Lester’s beautiful maps and draws his journey (above and below)

The issue is broken up by double-page openers such as this (above), introducing a piece by Google”s Tom Uglow discussing the prospect of becoming a father.

Birdwatching with Jacqueline Ford.

Loaded founder James Brown pops up with a reading list (The Gangs of New York), as do George Lois (Literary Lives) and Cathy from Anorak (The Book Thief). Illustrations Martin Nicolausson and Clara Terne.

Ideas Illustrated can be hard to track down. The latest ‘relocated’ place it can be found is here at magCulture – look out for some more magazines on sale here soon, with a free copy of Ideas Illustrated for the first orders.

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