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Loose Leaf (exclusive discount)

Loose Leaf (exclusive discount)

Here’s a new magazine designed for display in your home. Loose Leaf is a set of ten loose card sheets that arrive punched with holes so you can hang them using the pushpins supplied with the issue. What I hadn’t realised until I saw the real thing was that the sheets are A2 sized – the pages are more like posters, so deserve to be hung. The format and name come from the pre-punched loose leaf dividers used in ring binders.

Published by design studio Manual, each issue will feature commissioned works by artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers that have caught the attention of the studio. This first issue concentrates on their San Francisco home, with work from local creatives including Dave Eggars, Mark Giglio and Andrew Zuckerman.

Each contribution includes details about the artist and work on the reverse.

Loose Leaf is a neat idea well curated and well produced. At $80 it’s not cheap, but the publishers are donating money to San Francisco kids writing charity 826 Valencia, and have offered magCulture readers a 20% discount when you buy a copy online here. Use discount code MAGCULTURE.

Work shown, from top, by Michelle McCarron, Jake Longstreth and Mark Giglio.

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