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magCulture Meets Inque

magCulture Meets Inque

On Tuesday 11 August, Matt Willey joined Jeremy Leslie to discuss the thinking behind and ambitions for new launch Inque.

Planned as an annual series of ten issues starting next year, Inque is the latest launch from the team behind Zembla, Port and Avant, led by editor Dan Crowe and creative director Matt Willey.It promises great writing and art, with an impressive editorial board behind it and an exciting list of literary and creative contributors. The team notes in its crowdfunding campiagn that, ‘Although (magazine) sales have dwindled, it’s not because the audience has disappeared: it's because authentic publications have.’

magCulture Meets inque. Watch the video, recorded on 11 August 2020 via Instagram Live.

As well as his own magazine projects listed above, Matt spent five prolific years as art director at the New York Times Magazine, leaving earlier this year to become a partner at the New York office of P. entagram. Alongside his print work he designs the typographically led titles for the TV show ‘Killing Eve.’ His talk at magCulture Live, London last year remains one of the highlights of the series: a humble yet authoritative overview of one of the great bodies of contemporary editorial work

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