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mono.kultur #41
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mono.kultur #41

It’s not rare for us to shower praise on mono.kultur. In fact, it’s one of the few magazines that we review every single time a new issue comes out – each edition is so well-conceived and does something intriguingly smart with its design to the extent that we have to mention it.

Last year we celebrated the back-to-front reading Terre Taemlitz issue, and in June we were incredibly excited by the minimal Edmund de Waal issue 40. After receiving Summer 2016’s number 41, an interview with dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart, we decided that it’s also simply too good not to share on the Journal.

What’s most striking about it is how the typography has been choreographed – it literally dances across the page, as you can see in the above slideshow. This is another beautiful match of design and content – no one does it with as much grace and variety as mono.kultur.

You can catch editor and publisher Kai von Rabenau discussing the title’s distinctive approach to magazine making at this years ModMag conference on 27 October.

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