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My Favourite Magazine – update

My Favourite Magazine – update

We’ve been heads down, getting on with the My Favourite Magazine project, raising money to help Bob Newman. That’s pages on-screen, above, in the magCulture studio and after the jump there’s an early work-in-progress shot. Things have moved on a bit since the photos were taken, but at least there’s proof it exists!

We’ll be producing a 64-page magazine packed with over 80 favourite magazines from around the world. You’ll find out what senior figures such as Richard Turley, Mario Garcia and Simon Esterson chose; see who selected publications ranging from Adbusters to Zembla via Hard Werken and Rolling Stone. Discover which was the one most popular magazine to be selected and wonder at the number of magazine titles that start with the letter ‘S’.

We have a few people looking at buying ads in the PDF edition as well as inserts in the print edition. If you’re interested to join them and add more money to the Bob Newman fund then please get in touch (full details of the project and its aims here).

We hope to have My Favourite Magazine on sale via the magCulture shop by early August. Watch this space.

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