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Out now: The Holborn #1
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Out now: The Holborn #1

The first print issue of The Holborn is dedicated to the finer-things-in-life. It’s another independent magazine to have moved from digital to print form courtesy of Kickstarter. Firmly rooted in British culture and craft, the content has a quaint, Victorian air about it, featuring a guide to the great pubs of Holborn and interviews with a premium leather manufacturer and a contemporary furniture designer.

The pieces have been organised into the sections of an imaginary pub called ‘The Holborn’, and so the reader moves from the bar to the library to the workshop and finally to the pantry as they turn through the pages. Stand out illustrations from Will Bryant accompany a piece in the Library section about Roald Dahl (above).

And the embroidered illustrations by Drew Natalia that accompany a piece on whisky (above) emphasise the magazine’s own special attention to fine details, and their appreciation of traditional craft techniques.

It’s the kind of magazine that you want to be reading whilst sitting in a leather armchair, sipping craft-brew beer by a fire in a creaky pub while it snows outside. The magazine’s twitter feed is full to the brim with excitement concerning their plans for issue two, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next; it’s a lovely concept, perhaps in need of some design polish.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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