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Overmatter 04.04.13

Overmatter 04.04.13

Issue 15 of Oh Comely is out, and I’m only slightly disappointed it’s not quite as promised in their April 1 blog post.

The Hall Of Femmes conference, May 16-17, Stockholm, features Penny Martin (The Gentlewoman), Janet Froelich (Real Simple, ex-NYTimes) and Ruth Hansel (ex-Harper’s Bazaar, NYTimes, Vanity Fair). The organisers also publish books about these (and other) female design figures.

I’ll be interviewing Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers from Fantastic Man in Amsterdam on May 17 as part of the What Design Can Do conference.

Joe Zeff crits New York’s new iPad app, ‘Don't get us wrong, New York magazine for iPad is quite good…

Heat editor-in-chief Lucie Cave interviewed, describes mag as ‘cheeky, not mean.’

ASME announce their 2013 shortlists.

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